Dog wash fundraiser ideas are great for non-profit organizations that help with animal care, animal protection and for those who love dogs. The whole purpose is usually to donate funds to a chosen pet charity, a dog in need or to help support dog needs within the community.

The general method behind dog wash fundraiser ideas is to get friends, neighbors and other dog owners to pay for or donate to having their dogs cleaned, groomed and washed by a team of volunteers in support of their cause.

In many cases, events are held in open roped off areas such as parking lots, parks or by gas stations. However, this is a seasonal event because dog washing is best done during the warmer months and also requires special equipment for cleaning the dogs, providing shelter for the volunteers to rest in and a secure place for dog owners to wait. It also helps to be close to a parking area to attract more dog owners.

Dog wash fundraiser ideas need some administrative work. Things have to be coordinated to alert the general public to the event and what is the purpose is behind the fundraiser. Generally it is good to put announcements in local newspapers, get free television media coverage in community events sections, put up notices on telephone poles or hand out flyers regarding the event.

Though dog fundraiser ideas are good, volunteers have to feel comfortable with dogs and be aware of safety issues regarding the handling of dogs. A first aid expert should also be on hand in case of any unexpected accidents or run-ins with not so happy dogs.