Skating is a demanding sport, both on the athlete, and on the pocketbook. Young skaters train incredibly hard to reach their goals, and it is heartbreaking when their dreams are threatened by lack of money to support them in their endeavors.

If you have a skater in your family who is really going places, it can be scary to think about how much this will end up costing you, and how much trouble you'll have to put your family in to do it. But there is a much better way - holding a skating fundraiser is a fantastic way to make all the money you need to support your young skater, without breaking the bank.

If your skater has qualified for a major tournament that requires travel, registration fees, and so forth, the clock is ticking, and now is the time to get started on your skating fundraiser. Since it's just you and the family responsible for fundraising, you'll want to choose a fundraiser where you can keep things simple, maximize profits, and avoid any shipping fees or minimum order charges.

Fundraising scratch cards are basically the perfect skating fundraiser for individuals, as they combine a very simple concept with impressive profit margins. You can be on your way to your goals in no time. Getting started with a scratch cards skating fundraiser is easy - just give your fundraising consultant a call, or order your cards online. Once you place your order, your cards will arrive in a very short while, and then it's up to you to do the rest. Your supporters will scratch off 2 of 50 dots on the card, and that combined amount will be their suggested donation. Many supporters are generous and round their donations up, which of course just means even more profit for your skating fundraiser. Donations can add up very quickly, and once you pay for your cards, all the profit is yours.