These days, most consumers are concerned with the environment and protecting our precious resources, and this is reflected in the way that people are doing their shopping. Everywhere you go, you see "green" this and "environmental" that, and this is a positive trend that can benefit you in more ways than one. Organizing earth friendly fundraisers is a fantastic way to support the green movement, while at the same time making money for your school, and teaching kids that green is the way to go.

Earth friendly school fundraisers are not only fun, they're pretty easy to set up, too. Even some of the classic earth friendly school fundraisers, like flower bulbs, are kind to the environment. Flower bulbs are the perfect earth friendly school fundraiser if you are getting started when the kids come back from Christmas break, as late winter and early spring are the perfect times of year to be selling flower bulbs.

If you are looking for an earth friendly school fundraiser that is not so seasonal, there are still plenty of options. Our Smencil Pencil fundraiser is very popular, for example. The pencils are made from recycled newspapers, and each one is soaked in a gourmet scent. This earth friendly school fundraiser can work well for any group, because there are low minimums and no shipping charges, and of course pencils are popular at any time of year.

The ultimate in earth friendly school fundraisers, however, is the Go Green fundraising product line. This is a catalogue-based fundraiser, so you don't have to put down any money upfront. Simply contact us and let us know how many people there are on your sales team, and we will send you all the catalogues and order forms you need to get your earth friendly school fundraiser under way. The Go Green catalogue is full of products that are healthy, organic, and environmentally conscious. So if you are looking for the best earth friendly school fundraisers out there, you can see that you have lots of choices available to you.