You might be stumped when it comes time to decide on fundraising ideas for your college group or club. Must college organizations these days, especially ones run by students, receive no official school funding, and so fundraising ideas for these college groups are a necessary part of their existence.

So how do you come up with decent fundraising ideas for college? The important thing is to be aware of whom you're selling to, and what sort of fundraising ideas will work well for your group. If you are selling to fellow students during school hours, candy bars can be a fantastic fundraising idea for college. Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, and since the bars are only one dollar each, you really can't go wrong with a college fundraising idea like that.

If you have a small group or club, then you're probably looking for fundraising ideas for college that will maximize profits. In that case, scratch cards may be your best bet. They're easy to distribute, fun to use, and best of all, they have the highest profits of just about any fundraising idea out there. So if your college group is small but in need of significant funds, don't panic! There's still plenty of scope in fundraising ideas for college to get the funds you need with the resources and people that you have.

Larger groups have a different kind of advantage because they can utilize fundraising ideas for college where there are higher minimums. Catalogue fundraisers, like our increasingly popular green fundraiser, have fantastic profit potential if you can meet the minimum order requirements. These sorts of fundraising ideas for college work particularly well when you have a lot of people in your group or club, and are expecting a greater number of total orders than a smaller group would.

Whatever your club or group is aiming for, we have fundraising ideas for college that will work for you. Check out some of our other fundraising ideas to help figure out what is the best one for you and your group.