Cheerleading fundraisers usually lead the way when it comes to small group fundraising. By nature, cheerleaders are energetic, outgoing and determined - all great qualities needed for successful fundraising.

Given their ability to sell, below you will find three of our best cheerleading fundraisers. They offer your group different options so you can fund the perfect fundraising activity for your group.

Cheerleading Fundraiser Idea #1

One of the best ideas for a cheerleading fundraiser is selling custom scratch cards. The one we suggest has cheerleading graphics and designed specifically for cheerleaders.

If you have never done scratch card fundraising, it is extremely easy. The cheerleader gets people to scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots. They ask for the revealed amount as a donation. In return for the donation, the supporter is given a sheet of valuable coupons from national sponsors as a thank you gift.

Each card, when completed, will raise $100. With costs as low as $10 each, your group would make a profit of 90%, making this one of the best cheerleading fundraisers.

Cheerleading Fundraiser Idea #2

Another idea for cheerleading fundraising is selling Chippery Frozen Cookie Dough.

One of the most attractive things about this product is that most everyone loves freshly baked cookies. Think about it. If you are going to sell a product to make money, doesn't it make sense to sell something just about everyone loves?

In this fundraiser, the cheerleaders pre-sell the product using the order forms that we provide free of charge. They collect their money when they pre-sell so there is no need for upfront cash. At the end of the sale, you simply place your bulk order and, upon receipt, deliver the cookie dough so people can start enjoying themselves. Everyone is happy.

Interestingly enough, one cheerleading group averaged selling more than 125 tubs each, far and away the best results of any group we have seen. That is why we can tell you this is one of the best cheerleading fundraising ideas available.

Cheerleading Fundraiser Idea #3

One of the oldest, most proven cheerleader fundraiser is selling candy by M&M's.

Candy fundraisers are considered a direct sale since the cheerleaders will have the candy in their possession and hand the product to the buyer when the sell it. The candy is competitively priced at $1 each so most people have no problem reaching into their pockets and spending a couple dollars on candy and helping out.