When the time comes around that you're ready to think about some church fundraisers ideas for the youth group, choir, or for funding new church facilities, you may not know where to start. So many churches these days rely on church fundraisers to stay afloat, so you're going to have to come up with brilliant fundraising ideas sooner or later. Good church fundraisers ideas can make the difference between your church getting exactly what it needs, or having to struggle through another year.

So what are the steps to organizing decent church fundraisers ideas? The basic idea is that you'll want to be aware of your customer base and what they're likely to want, and tailor your ideas for your group and its size. If you want something that's a quick and easy direct sale, then something like our $1 fundraising chocolate bars can be a really good choice. You've probably seen this church fundraising idea done many times before, but the reason it's still so popular is because it really works. Everyone loves chocolate, and at just $1 you can expect these chocolate bars to be very popular.

If your sales group is smaller than average, then obviously you'll want some church fundraisers with the best potential for high profits. Fundraising scratch cards are a natural choice for something like this. They work on a simple concept, they're easy to carry around, and they have the highest profits of just about any church fundraiser in existence. So if your small group needs to raise a moderate amount of money quickly, we have ideas that will work for you.

No matter what your monetary goals or your group size, we can help you find the best church fundraisers ideas out there. Check out our church fundraisers ideas pages, and contact your fundraising consultant if you have any questions or need some assistance figuring out exactly which church fundraisers ideas will work best for you.