It's not terribly difficult coming up with easy fundraising ideas for kids. After all, people by their nature love to help children out, especially when fundraising teaches them so many of the lessons they'll need to learn for later in life. The trick, of course, is finding easy fundraising ideas for kids that won't drive the parents crazy. If you've already done the same fundraiser over and over too many times, maybe it's time to regroup and come up with some easy fundraising ideas for kids that won't send the adults over the edge with stress and frustration. First of all, it's essential to recognize the powerful tool you have at your disposal, the one that every fundraising team wishes they had: the kids themselves. They're natural salespeople, and their infectious enthusiasm (and let's face it, cuteness) can very much work in your favor. Thinking of some easy fundraising ideas for kids that will propel them to their goals gets much easier when you use the children's age to your advantage. Doing something like an art sale, where each child contributes an original artwork, can be a very lucrative and original idea that can make you a lot of money. The children, of course, will be more than willing to donate their efforts to the cause, making this one of the easiest fundraising ideas for kids ever. If you were looking for something more product based, why not go for something the kids will really love, like cookie dough? The best part is, this is one of the easy fundraising ideas for kids that adults love just as much - after all, there's hardly anybody out there who doesn't like freshly baked cookies. And the kids will be incredibly enthusiastic about the idea, making the hard part of actually selling the products that much easier.