High school is a constant hub of actions, events and studies ? after all it is last years for school friends to share the moment.

Students from different organizations in high school usually start high school fundraisers. They hold variety of events to collect funds for their extra curricular activities. These events organizers are rarely able to get financial support from the school itself, it is not due to apathy of school or their unawareness to such situation, but because the school has to allocate their budget to other developmental activities.

High school students are old enough to understand the intricacies of fund raising, so they should have proper business plan to make such attempts successful. High school fundraisers should always keep in mind ?what is the purpose of fund raising??

Another thing to be considered is the ?incurred expenses?. So, research the most efficient method of fund raising. There are hundreds of fundraising ideas available on the internet, but instead of relying on them be practical about your geographical and social conditions. Make sure that your fund raising plan does not coincide with other charity events of the season.

Here are some practical tips for successful high school fundraisers:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraisers: This is an all time successful fundraiser idea, popular among all age groups. Sellers offer a great selection of cookies, just take orders and sell tubs of yummy cookie dough to the group. You can make around 30-50%.

2. Pizza Discount Cards: It is a great program if your group is spread out geographically. People feel easy to pay for such cards which entitle them to free pizzas. 70-90% profit margins.

3. Candy Fundraising: Suitable for sspring or Easter fundraising events ? selling of candy is very profitable and easy. You can sell them at school, sport events, pep rallies, or just person to person.

Set yourself a target, establish a business plan, involve students, teachers and parents and go for it! Try to promote your events as much as possible, not only with the help of students, but if possible try to get a television or radio station to sponsor your event, thus earning maximum exposure.

Last but not least, don?t forget to send thank you notes to all those involved.