Fund raising for soccer teams can encompass an entire season or you can hold one large soccer fundraiser that hopefully raises enough money for all things the team needs for the season.

Different teams choose different paths. The good news is that Easy Fundraising Ideas has great ideas for either option.

Before choosing the right product, you should answer these questions about your fundraising goals:

  • Does your league want something simple that takes little planning or organization?
  • Does your team want to raise funds only when specific needs arise?
  • How much money does your soccer association really need?

In this article, we will identify a few soccer fundraising programs that will work no matter how you answered the above questions.

Soccer Fund Raiser: Soccer Lollipops

The first soccer fundraising idea is great for groups that do not need to make a lot of money and don't mind allowing the program to run throughout the season. Consider selling soccer lollipops at practices and games.

These great lollipops sell for only $.50 each. They are shaped like little soccer balls and are favorites with soccer fans. Because of the low price, many people will buy more than one at a time. They lollipops come in an assortment of flavors. You buy them in master cases of 576 lollipops. Your cost is only $.25 each so you are doubling your money. The good news about soccer lollipops is that there is only a one case minimum, so you do not have to over buy and shipping is FREE.

Sports lollipops are available in most major sports too!

Soccer Fund Raiser: Soccer Scratch Off Cards

The second soccer fundraising idea is perfect for leagues and teams that need to raise a lot of money quickly and do not have a lot of money to pay for fundraising products.

Each soccer scratch card raises $100. Typically, you give each player on of the fundraising cards. The cards come with 50 concealed dots. Players get supporters to scratch off two of the dots and ask for a donation equal to the revealed amount. Donations would range from $1 to $6. In return for the donation to the soccer team, the player would give them a sheet of valuable national coupons as a thank you gift.

The great thing about scratch cards is that there is no delivery after the sale. There is no real useful shelve life, although you do need to watch for the expiration dates on the coupon sheet. They are easy to carry. In fact, most soccer players brings carry bags to practice and games with them and the scratch cards can be conveniently kept with their soccer equipment to remind them why they are raising money.

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Soccer Fund Raiser: Jog-a-thon