If you are getting ready to start your next PTO fundraiser, and your team is looking for some great ideas you should consider a fundraising program that will get the kids involved on an educational level.

There are lots of wonderful PTO fundraiser ideas out there that would be easy to do, and raise lots of money?but if you can find one that will also help in the education of the children you are trying to support, then you have found a true winner.

If the lower grades are busy learning about the year, have a calendar fundraiser. Allow them to take their book-knowledge outside of the classroom and share it with potential customers. Selling calendars will help them understand the importance of knowing more about the days of the week, the months in a year, or the different seasons as they watch the adults that they love purchase these items.

When the 2nd graders are starting to learning about currency and the value of money, consider having a candy sale. Let them get hands-on experience dealing with buying and selling. The amounts are easy to add and subtract, and they will get to practice the responsibility that comes with handling other people?s money.

When 4th and 5th grade is studying a unit on recycling and taking care of nature let them enjoy participating in an Earth-friendly fundraiser. They can sell environmentally friendly items, or flower bulbs. They will see the immediate benefits of buying products that will help the earth, and get to see the long-term benefits as they raise money for their school.

There are so many PTO fundraising ideas to choose from. Before you randomly pick something just because of its profits margins or return rates, think about what type of fundraiser would benefit the children in more than just financial ways.