It doesn't matter if you your church youth group needs money for a trip, an activity they want to do, or even new facilities for meetings, no doubt you're here because you need to come up with some great fundraising ideas for church youth groups. Church youth group fundraisers are popular because so many church youth groups are in need of fundraising ideas to help the kids have a solid, Christian social outlet. You will certainly find no shortage of great fundraisers for church youth groups, so now's the time to get started.

Scratch cards make great fundraisers for church youth groups, and they may be an option you hadn't considered. The fundraising scratch cards work particularly well for small youth groups because of the high profits, up to 90% if you can commit to a minimum number of cards. And the concept behind scratch cards for church youth groups couldn't be simpler: people scratch off 2 covered dots out of 50 on the card, and whatever amount they uncover, that's their suggested donation amount. So if you're looking for different and innovative fundraisers for church youth groups, scratch cards could be a great possibility for you.

A lot of the best fundraising ideas for church youth groups out there are the ones that have stood the test of time, the classic ideas that seem to work well over and over, no matter how many times groups try them. You may think that people would be bored of chocolate and catalogue fundraisers, but that's certainly not the case - those types of fundraisers always perform well in terms of profits and popularity. After all, you loved chocolate bar fundraisers when you were a kid, and today's kids love them just as much. Regardless of why you are organizing your fundraiser, it's hard to go wrong with one of these classic fundraisers for church youth groups.