Relay For Life is a fantastic way to raise funds for the fight against cancer, but these days it's about more than just the relay itself. If you want to do the most effective fundraising for Relay For Life, you really need to take advantage of all the other fundraising opportunities available.

When it comes to fundraising interest for the American Cancer Society, it's not hard to see where your customer base will be when fundraising for Relay For Life. Almost everyone in this country has had their lives touched by cancer in some way, and most are more than happy to contribute however they can to the cause. This gives you an opportunity to maximize profits by expanding the fundraising you're doing for the Relay For Life event.

Many Relay For Life teams set specific dollar amount goals for their fundraising, and this makes direct sale fundraisers a popular choice. Teams can choose from low-cost options like lollipops, or if the goal is larger they may choose something like Hershey bars or M&Ms.

Although direct sale fundraising for Relay For Life is a popular choice, some teams prefer to go with a pre-sell fundraiser. There are all sorts of catalogues that teams can use as fundraisers for Relay For Life. Coffee, cookie dough, and pretzels are all options that can result in big returns for your team, and when you're fundraising for Relay For Life, obviously you want to make as much as you possibly can.

You can even go for something like the Relay For Life scratch cards, as these are a high profit item that is very easy to distribute. High profit items work well for small groups, so depending on the size of your team, this may be a very attractive choice for you.

The important part, of course is that you have fun with whatever fundraising you to for Relay For Life. The specific product is not nearly as important as the enthusiasm that goes behind, and with such passionate people working for a great cause, your Relay For Life fundraising is bound to be a success.