Choosing the right marching band fundraisers can be difficult. There is the size of the band to think about, how much you can expect them to stay organized, and how well you think they'll cope with things like taking orders and collecting money. You also want to consider your target market, your supporters, and what sorts of products you think people will like to buy. It's a lot of variables to juggle, but if you just want some great marching band fundraisers that people will take to right away, there are a couple of easy choices you can make that should do the trick.

Cookie dough fundraising tends to be a good all-around choice for marching band fundraisers. It's a popular product, both with supporters and with the band members, and it tends to be an easy sell. Pretty much everyone loves freshly baked cookies, whether young or old, families or single people. Also, we offer a variety of different types of cookie dough, from a mix, to preformed cookies, and even dough that gets delivered straight to your supporters' houses, so that you don't have to worry about the mess of delivery day.

If you'd rather think about marching band fundraisers that reflect the public's demand for earth-friendliness, our Go Green fundraiser can be the perfect solution. Filled with products that are environmentally sound, the catalogue is great for just about everyone, and it's a perfect idea if you're not comfortable with the thought of sweet snacks.

There are plenty of marching band fundraisers that can work well and get you a good result, though - have a look at our fundraisers for marching band and see what you think. Choose an idea that appeals to you, but more importantly, that you think will appeal to your supporters. Getting started with an effective fundraiser is easier than you think!