If you have ever been in charge of an elementary school fundraiser, then you know that it feels slightly like being the director of controlled chaos; elementary school fundraising is not for the feint of heart. But that doesn?t have to be the case ? you can plan, execute and finish a successful fundraiser at your local elementary school, with ease.

There are three main things to keep in mind.

First ? think ahead. When you are in the planning process of your upcoming elementary fundraiser, consider choosing a program that will be appealing to not only those buying, but to those selling. Frozen cookie dough is a winner with everyone - children and adults alike can agree on the benefit of cookies! If it is a product that is easy to buy AND easy to sell, it will likely be a success.

Also, think ahead to how much money you need to raise. Is there a dollar amount you are reaching for; an arbitrary number, or simply ?as much as possible?? Make sure that the program you chose will help you reach your goal.

Second ? be enthusiastic. If you want the kids to be excited, you have to be excited. And you have to be excited every time you mention it. Nobody likes a dreary salesman, including kids. Before they ever go out and try to sell the cookie dough, or flower bulbs or pizza cards, you have to sell the idea to them!

Third ? repeat everything. Children tend to forget things ? even important things. So make sure that they know exactly when, where and how they need to turn in their orders and the money they have collected. Make flyers, make announcements, make phone calls if you have to ? just make sure the kids are well-informed, and you are less-likely to have little Johnny turn in his cookie dough money late.

So don?t be afraid the next time you hear "elementary school fundraising". Take a deep breath, call your fundraising consultant, and start spreading the word ? it?s time to raise money!