When you?re searching for elementary school fundraising ideas, consider the following:

The ideas that work are ones that are thought out. You can?t just decide to do a fundraiser on a whim; especially with you are working with students. Find a fundraiser that fits your students, or the school as a whole. Consider the age of the children who will be selling ? try to find something they would be interested in buying (you know?if they had money)! Cookie dough is always a hit with children. Another great elementary school fundraising idea is flower bulbs. Both in spring and fall, the flower bulb fundraiser is simple and very popular. Cookies and flower bulbs are also a great fundraiser for low income elementary students .

You will also want to review the fundraising requirements when looking for a great elementary school fundraiser. Once you know an estimate of how many children will be participating in the fundraiser, you can determine if the requirements are reasonable. If there is a minimum order required - like the cookie dough program ? figure out how many items each child would need to sell in order to reach your goal. If the minimum is too high, find a program that is lower ? like the Home Delivery Cookie Dough program, which requires no minimums.

Also consider getting the parents involved. The fundraiser should still be the responsibility of the children, but the parents need to be well informed. Send notes home, write emails, and pass out flyers ? whatever it takes to make sure that the parents know about important dates and goals. Because the children are so young, the success of your fundraiser will be in large part due to the effort put in by the parents and guardians. Consider something that is easy to deliver, as that task too, will likely be pushed upon the adults. Magazine subscription vouchers are very easy to pass out, and can fit in a purse or bag.