The idea of running homeschool fundraisers can be daunting if you've never had to do it before.

Sure, you were involved in fundraisers when you were in school yourself, but that was years ago, and you weren't the one who had to organize everything! So if you're scared that homeschool fundraisers will get the best of you, don't worry. The important thing is that you are taking positive steps to rectify your situation, and with a little good advice and a push in the right direction, you can organize homeschool fundraisers that will be more successful that you can imagine.

The first thing you need to do is think about your goals in specific terms. You know you need money, and it can be scary to have to sit down and think about that in any greater detail, but it's something you really need to do before you get started with your fundraiser.

Homeschool fundraisers have a greater chance of success if there is a specific goal to aim for. If you don't even know how much you need, you won't have that target, and your motivation can easily lose momentum. So as painful as it is, work out the exact dollar amount for what you need to get you back into a good position again.

The next thing you need is a fundraising idea that will match up well with those goals. We have a range of homeschool fundraisers for every sort of group, whether you are just one person, or several people, or an entire coalition of homeschoolers. Pay attention to the details of each fundraiser, and choose the one that you think best reflects what you're trying to accomplish, and fits well with the size of your fundraising team.

Following these steps is a great first start to having a positive fundraising experience.