Rotary fundraisers are a longstanding tradition, and there have been some truly amazing efforts in the past.

Rotary fundraisers are always run to a high standard, and that means the pressure is on you as a potential organizer to do the best you possibly can with your fundraiser, and to bring in the most money your fundraiser can make.

Events can be fantastic rotary fundraising ideas, and you can choose any kind of event you like, and organize it however you want. One of the most effective rotary fundraising ideas is to do a music night of some sort.

It doesn't have to be as big as a benefit concert - it can just be a local band that people love to hear, or even a local classical musician of note giving a recital. If the musicians are willing to get involved, they will most likely do it for free, or rather "donating" their regular fee for the cause. This cuts your costs down to the venue, and any associated costs.

If you're really lucky, you might be able to swing a room in a hotel in exchange for some hotel advertising on your flyers and newspaper ads. Rotary fundraising ideas like these are great because not only is it easy to sell tickets, you can also do some additional fundraising while people are there. Selling food and drinks, or even event merchandise, is a great idea.

You can even have volunteers mingling through the crowd during the intermission with something like our scratch cards, which are great for supplementing fundraising efforts and bringing in that little bit of extra money.

However you decide to do it, make sure to make the most of these rotary fundraising ideas by having fundraising opportunities at every corner, and never wasting the chance to do a little more for your cause.