Sports teams are some of the easiest groups to organize fundraisers for, as sports players are naturally enthusiastic and energetic people. With the right fundraisers for sports teams, you can really help your group reach its financial goals, as well as strengthening that ever-important team spirit. There are so many excellent fundraisers out there for sports teams, it's difficult to know where to begin, but if you have a look at some basic ideas, you'll get the picture of what kinds of fundraisers sports teams do well with.

Direct sales fundraisers are pretty straightforward, and many sports teams find that these types of fundraisers work well for them. Direct sales fundraisers can take many shapes and forms, and the possibilities are nearly endless. Your sports team can sell anything from candy to scratch cards, or even things like discount cards or pizza cards. Direct sales work great as fundraisers because the investment is entirely up front, so all the money you make from sales goes directly to your sports team, which is nice.

Fundraisers that require pre-ordering can also be a fantastic way for sports teams to make a profit, and can be especially lucrative if you choose something with a low shipping charge or free shipping. Pre-order fundraisers also open your sports team up to things like catalogues, which can give you a wide range of products within a single fundraiser. Our green fundraiser, for instance, works like any other traditional fundraisers for sports teams, but the benefit is that all the products are environmentally friendly, which makes them very popular in today's earth-conscious society.

Whatever kind of fundraiser you choose, the key is to pick something that suits your sports team and takes advantage of your group's strengths. Small groups may want to go with something that requires low minimums or returns a high profit percentage, whereas sports teams may be more open to fundraisers where there is a higher minimum order.