Ask anyone what the number one goal is is for a church fundraiser, and the answer will be obvious: to make money, to bring in funds that the church needs to supplement its current budget. And it's true, you do want to make as much money as possible for a church fundraiser, that's for sure.

But there are many ways for a church fundraiser to accomplish several goals When people use teamwork and a concentrated effort to reach a common goal, efforts for a church fundraiser can turn into much more than just a way to make money - it can become a way for the members of the church to bond more strongly over a common goal that everyone shares, and that everyone will benefit from.

The team that you put together for a church fundraiser is very important, as these will be the people who help organize the fundraiser, implement it, and bring in the funds. If the people you assemble for a church fundraising team understand just how important their work is, it can help build enthusiasm for the project, and solidarity among the people participating. This in turn can give a lot of momentum for a church fundraiser, and that is important because the energy any fundraising project has directly affects the success of the project.

The enthusiasm that people have for a church fundraiser is contagious, so if you can get your church fundraiser team fired up about what they are doing, they will pass that on to the others in the congregation, and to the community that they are asking for support. Teamwork is so important for a church fundraiser, and if you can build up some team momentum, you will soon be watching your church fundraiser go from a simple way to make money, to a huge group effort that helps bring the congregation closer.