More and more people realize that paying $4 for a cup of coffee is ridiculous and they have started brewing their own coffee at home.

This makes a great opportunity for your group to raise some money by hosting a coffee fundraiser.

But, because people have grown so accustomed to fancier coffees, you can't just go sell Folgers, you need to find better coffees that people are willing to pay a premium for. This is where fair trade coffee fundraising comes in.

Fair trade coffee, as you may already know, is coffee that is grown on farms and plantations that have agreed to treat their workers better and pay them a higher wage. They are also typically 100% organic coffees.

Like almost everything else in the world, the happier the workers the better the product. Fair trade coffee fundraisers are a new concept that is growing in popularity very quickly. The great thing about them is that they are perfect for groups of any size. Whether you are part of an elementary school or are raising money for a trip abroad, fair trade coffee fundraising products are an excellent choice. They make for terrific gifts as well and many people will buy multiple bags for just this reason.

Just be sure that when you are looking for fair trade coffee fundraising ideas that you pick a company that displays the certified fair trade logo. This designation and its use is closely monitored to insure that your coffee truely is from a fair trade coffee farm.