Your job as an organizer is to come up with some really killer cheerleading fundraising ideas, but chance are you're here because you don't really know where to start. It doesn't make things easier when people who have done it in the past start giving you all sorts of conflicting advice. Coming up with cheerleading fundraiser ideas may sound like a stressful thing to have to do, but that's not necessarily the case. There are lots of cheerleading fundraiser ideas out there that the squad will love, and that will in turn get them the money they need to buy the things that are essential for them.

The first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about cheerleading fundraiser ideas is chocolate bars, but don't turn your nose up at that idea just because it's been done a million times before. There's a reason these classic cheerleading fundraiser ideas are still around - because they bring in a lot of money for the squad year after year. Chocolate never gets boring or old - if you can get permission for the kids to sell chocolate on school grounds, this can be an extremely profitable cheerleading fundraiser idea, but even if you will be selling to adults in your neighborhood, it can still work spectacularly well.

If you want to stay away from sweet snacks, why not try something like scratch cards? Scratch cards are really great as cheerleading fundraiser ideas, because not only are they easy to distribute and sell, they return some of the highest profits of any fundraiser ideas, and since it is a direct sale fundraiser idea, all the money goes to you and the squad after your initial investment.

There are so many cheerleading fundraiser ideas out there - check out our cheerleading fundraiser ideas pages, and get some great ideas for your upcoming fundraiser.