So you want to get some good fundraising ideas for cheerleaders, but you don't really know where to start. Perhaps you've had lots of suggestions from other sources, and now you're more confused than ever. Fundraising for cheerleaders may sound like a stressful undertaking, but it doesn't have to be. We have some fundraising ideas for cheerleaders that they'll love, and that will be sure to get some much-needed funds in for your squad.

First, let's talk about the perennial favorite: chocolate. Now, before you roll your eyes, remember that there's a reason these sorts of fundraising ideas for cheerleaders come up first - because they work. What kid do you know who doesn't like chocolate? Or what adult, for that matter? Candy bars and M&Ms have been popular fundraising ideas for cheerleaders for decades, and they continue to be popular today. If you can arrange a situation where the kids can get permission to sell on campus, chocolate can be an amazing after-lunch or after-school earner.

If you've done the chocolate thing too many times already and you're determined to find some different cheerleader fundraisers, why not go for something like scratch cards? The concept is pretty simple, and as fundraising ideas go, this one has a great potential for high profits. Basically the cheerleaders get people to scratch two dots off a card, and the person then donates the amount uncovered. In return, they receive fantastic coupons as a thank-you gift. Scratch cards are some of the highest profit fundraising ideas for cheerleaders, and they are becoming increasingly popular with squads everywhere.

If neither of those fundraising ideas for cheerleaders sound great to you, fear not - we have all kinds of different fundraising ideas that vary from pizza cards, to cookie dough, and even temporary tattoos! There's bound to be a fundraising idea for cheerleaders that will suit you and your squad, regardless of size or financial needs.