When it comes time to get the annual school fundraiser going, you may be getting excited about organizing some good fundraising ideas for schools, but perhaps you're short of tips on where to start. To top everything off, you may be getting conflicting opinions from others who have come up with fundraising ideas for schools before, and that can make you even more frustrated. Fundraising for schools doesn't have to be that complicated, though, and we have some fantastic fundraising ideas for schools that will really hit the spot.

The first and most obvious choice with fundraising ideas for schools is the one that comes up time after time: candy bars. Don't dismiss this tried-and-tested fundraising idea just because you've seen it done so many times in the past. After all, the reason people keep doing these types of fundraising ideas for schools is simple - it's because they work really well, and they can turn some excellent profits no matter what sort of monetary goal you have. This is especially true if you have arranged permission for the kids to be able to sell on school grounds, as candy bars are a perfect fundraising idea for lunch periods and after school.

But if you're determined not to sell chocolate yet again, there are plenty of other fundraising ideas for schools that get away from that theme. Scratch cards, for instance, are very popular these days as a fundraising idea for schools, and with profits ranging up to 90%, it's pretty hard to resist fundraising potential like that. Also, people seem to enjoy the scratch cards, as they're fun to work with and can keep people motivated while still bringing in the money.

If you'd like to research some more fundraising ideas for schools, have a look through our school fundraising pages, and get inspired! Your fundraiser can be really great this year, and with the right fundraising idea in your pocket, you'll be well on your way.