Fundraising does not have to be a long drawn on process. In fact we are doing our best to expedite the entire process from start to finish. We call our new system Fast Pass Fundraising.

So what is Fast Pass Fundraising?

It starts at the very earliest stages of identifying the best fundraising ideas. Most groups appoint one person as a point person to look for the best fundraisers for their particular group. These days that person most likely begins their search on the internet. They search for either their group type of some look for specific fundraising products they might consider.

Many of those people request that information be emailed to them or mailed to them. Some might contact 3 or more companies to get their information. Once the information is received that's when the process begins to bog down that's why we have created our new Fast Pass.

We want to shorten the booking or ordering process as much as possible. We do that with the help of tracking cookies and imbedded links in the digital information we send out. Since you have already requested information from us we have most of the information we need to get your fundraiser started. So the first benefit of our Fast Pass Fundraising system is that we will not repeatedly ask you for information you have already provided to us.

We know your time is valuable and this process will allow you to spend your time on important things instead of repeating the same process over and over to start your fundraiser.