Some groups are lucky to have someone whose only job is to sort out the various fundraising efforts. Having a dedicated fundraising manager is a luxury for most groups, though, and if you're like almost everyone else, you're doing this on a volunteer basis in your free time. Therefore, it's important to you that you come up with some fast and easy fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling, as you probably don't have a lot of time to be sitting around and dreaming things up. Luckily, we have some ready-made fast and easy fundraising ideas to get you started right away, and on the right foot. One of the best fast and easy fundraising ideas for small groups is discount cards. We offer a variety of pizza cards, restaurant cards, and retail cards for any organization. Your supporters get a great deal on things they want to buy, and you can make up to 90% profit if you have enough selling power. This is one of the most pleasant fast and easy fundraising ideas to run, because the cards are easy to distribute and easy to carry around. There's no product delivery times to worry about, no hassle, and no fuss. If you're looking for ways to save money on upfront costs, then a pre sale fundraiser is the right choice for you. These fast and easy fundraising ideas make use of brochures and order forms, so your supporters can see what they are ordering and pay for it upfront. This means that these are no-risk fundraisers, no money comes out of your pocket and you can get started right away, as soon as you receive your free order forms and brochures. There are a variety of fast and easy fundraising ideas out there for any occasion, so take a look at a few before you decide.