You are involved with a sports team or sports program and you need to make some money to pay for equipment or a sports camp or coaching. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? I need some fast fundraising for sports!

I have never met a sports team that was not in a rush to raise money. That?s why Easy Fundraising Ideas offers many fundraising products that are in stock and can be shipped fast to your group to get your fundraiser started immediately. If you really need a fast fundraiser, we suggest you consider the Domino?s Pizza Fundraising Card program.

The cards are kept in inventory and are shipped out the same day you place your order if your order is received before 2:00 p.m. Orders received later than that time leave our facility the very next business day. You should have your fundraising cards within a couple of days and can get a fast start raising money as soon as they arrive.

The good thing about pizza cards are the ease in which they sell. People gladly pay you ten dollars for a card that gets them a free medium one topping pizza when they purchase a large one topping pizza. It can be used up to twenty times. The cards can be carried around in your pocket or purse so you have them available to sell any where you go.

Fundraisers do not get any faster than that. If you have a little more time but still want a fast fundraising idea, consider direct sale fundraising items like brand name candy. When you hold a direct sale you have the product in your possession and hand it directly to the customer when they pay for it.

Direct sales are faster than brochure sales because you do not have to deliver any product after your sale is complete. The entire transaction takes only a few seconds. You take the candy that comes in convenient handled carriers to places where people congregate. When they see that you are selling candy they simply reach in their pockets for some money, pay you and get their candy

. Fast fundraising for sports does not need to be a dream. There are plenty of options available to make your next fundraiser fast and profitable.