Fast Pass Fundraising should mean exactly that. And the best place to be fast tracked through your fundraising process is here at Easy Fundraising Ideas!

We were the first company that provided a secure online way to start your fundraiser. Nearly 10 years ago we created a system where you could submit your information online to start any of our no upfront cost fundraisers such as cookie dough fundraising or flower bulb fundraising.

If you gave us your group information, the number of brochures you needed and dates to start and end your fundraiser we could send your materials without ever having to make a single phone call. You could fast pass your fundraiser and have materials within a matter of days.

Of course many companies have copied that part of our process now.

Now, however, we have introduced our Fast Pass for Fundraising. Here's what that means for you:

Once you are in our system there is no need to keep providing your group information to start a fundraiser or to purchase a product or to even request information. Our Fast Pass remembers who you are and provides the easiest possible path to whatever you want to do and is the least invasive process in fundraising.

So if you are looking for Fast Pass Fundraising then Easy Fundraising Ideas is right where you need to be.