Finding new school fundraising ideas can be a full time job. Everyone wants to come up with something new in fundraising. The more you are involved with committees and groups, the more you will see how people often explore countless new options before realizing fundraising is easier than that.

A little research can go a long way in fundraising. I can not tell you how many schools, sports teams and scout groups decide to hold car washes because other groups are selling the better known fundraising products like candy and cookie dough and pizza cards.

You know the story. Everyone is pumped up about the fundraiser because there is no cost and the kids will have a day outside getting plenty of exercise. Well, more often than not, it?s the parents who wash the cars. Sure, the kids enjoy jumping up and down flashing their signs at cars passing by. But they sure don?t enjoy washing cars ? especially if they don?t own them.

We suggest you stop trying to come up with new school fundraising ideas and, instead, look at history and what your neighboring schools are doing. Appoint members of your fundraising committee to find out what fundraising idea other schools in your area have chosen this year and you may begin to see a pattern.

One thing is sure in fundraising. If you have a bad fundraising event this year, you probably will not try it again next year. That?s why tried and proven ideas in fundraising are always best. If you can not find out what other local schools have done and there is no history available to see what has worked for your school in the past, spend a little time researching fundraising products on the internet. You will see the major fundraising distributors selling the products that have worked for groups over the years. There should be a good enough selection of products where you can choose a school fundraising idea that has proven itself yet still have a variety of options so you can mix and match fundraising products throughout the year.