Home safety is an important issue for many families across the United States. And when there are lots of people thinking about certain issues, others try to figure out if that topic can be applied to fundraising.

Is it a fundraiser you should consider? Our research concludes that the answer is both yes and no. If fire extinguisher fundraising sounds appealing, we suggest you do as much research as possible before starting. There are lots of rules and regulations as to the safety and specifications for fire extinguishers. If the product you offer does meet those standards your sale will fail.

The other issue with fire extinguisher fundraisers is the economics. The question is whether you can purchase fire extinguishers at a low enough price to re sell them at a profit percentage you find acceptable. Most groups want to make fifty percent profit or more. That is more difficult than it sounds. Most product categories simply can not offer those high price multiples.

There have been fundraising companies that specialize in these areas but reviews of their performance have been spotty at times. If you are looking for fundraiser ideas for volunteer fire departments or just a fire department fund raiser, there are better options to consider. The great thing about firefighters fundraisers are that most people will support their efforts.

Just before Labor Day, in fact, you will see many firefighters on street corners using helmets or rubber boots as collection receptacles as they raise money for causes like Muscular Dystrophy. While most people will not give money to people on street corners, the firefighters are recognizable enough and people have a strong appreciation for their efforts and will give them some money. But fire department fundraisers can take on many different faces. People love to tour fire houses.

If you can properly advertise a hot dog or chili sale or a bake sale and have people come down to the fire house you will probably attract a good crowd of supporters. Candy sales being held by firefighters in uniform get extraordinary results. The bottom line is that fire extinguisher fundraising requires careful research but there are many options available to firemen and fire departments looking for fundraising ideas.