Looking for a successful Football Fundraiser or football fundraising idea? Easy Fundraising Ideas offers football coaches and league directors the most comprehensive variety of fundraising products and ideas to raise money for equipment, travel expense, training, camps and other unexpected expenses.

Football Fundraiser #1

Football Scratch Cards are the easiest way to raise a lot of money without paying a lot of money upfront or worrying about getting a big delivery of products that need to be dropped off with supporters weeks after your fundraiser.

Never used scratch cards as a football fundraiser? Here's how they work. Each player is given one or more scratch cards. The cards have 50 concealed dots. Players get supporters to scratch off 2 of the dots and donate the revealed amount. In return, the players give the supporter a sheet of valuable coupons from national companies like Finish Line, Dominos, FTD, Kodak and more.

Each card raises $100. The cost is as low as $10 each so your profit can easily be 90%. With those profit levels, it sure makes buying footballs, uniforms and equipment much easier than other football fundraising ideas.

Football Fundraisers #2

Candy fundraisers using products from M&M's and Hershey's are also a great football fundraising idea.

Just think about the number of people at football games, scrimmages and practices. Why not offer them a $1 candy bar that both satisfies their hungry and also provides the resources to purchase your much needed equipment.