There is no shortage of football fundraising ideas. From football scratch cards to candy, choosing the right product is only the first step to raising the money to pay for all the extras required by football teams.

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Next to hockey, football players require the most equipment and therefore usually incur the greatest expense. That's why it is so important to make sure you have put all the right tools for success together for your team fundraiser.

Football players are usually very competitive. It only makes sense to create a competition that rewards success. While financial rewards and prizes work well, many people, report free incentives work even better.

Consider allowing the top producer the opportunity to be coach for one practice. Imagine the fun that person could have with the team and how much each player would love to win the prize. Another great option is give the top seller the right to switch place with his position coach. How many candy bars would a player sell if he could get his line coach to take his place during hitting drills?