Football is a sport that many people around the world love to watch and play. From the youth of today playing for their local youth sports organization, to the family having a game in the back yard on Thanksgiving Day, to the NFL roughing it out on the field every Sunday, it is a game played and enjoyed by many.

Played and loved by many, yes, but at a price. True, there are times where the players get banged up while playing, but that is not the price I am talking about. The price mentioned is the actual cost involved with the sport. Now we all know how the NFL makes their money and the games in the back yard are free to all, but for the children who play, whether for their city organization or their school, would not be able to play if it weren?t for the traditional football fund raiser.

From the time you wear the helmet in the fourth grade until the time the shoulder pads are taken off for the last time as a senior in high school, fundraising is a part of being on the team. Many might consider it the football fund raiser team, for it is a necessity and everyone is involved.

The youth football fundraiser can take place in many different ways. From football calendar fundraising to those that are no cost fundraisers in youth football, options can vary. Some fundraiser might require up front money in order to make money for the organization or team, others, such as holding a jog-a-thon or walk-a-thon, might involve little to no money up front for it is based primarily on donations.

In high school the sport gets more involved. The practices are more intense. The games take on a more exciting atmosphere with the band, cheerleaders and dancers. There is a lot more involved than just the football game. That is why having high school football fundraising is not only important, but also a necessity. There aren?t many districts that have the benefit of large donations from others that attended the school to fund the extras for the program. For that reason, having a high school football fund raiser is of high importance. There is a lot of cost in turning on the lights every Friday night and the money raised from fundraising will allow this to happen.

Fundraising is not always a desire, but a necessity. For the kids that are out on the field every day, this allows them to enjoy every moment and allows the elders involved to know that all is being taken care of.