There are football fundraising ideas and there are football fundraising ideas that work.

I can not tell you how many people tell us their football team is going to make a fortune holding a car wash. We never hear from people who actually make a fortune mind you - only from groups that plan to make a lot of money on a future car wash.

When the car wash day approaches what happens is that the parents of the players often times do the actual work while the players horse around with signs trying to attract traffic. The result is frustrated parents and underperforming results.

So what football fundraisers actually work?

Try some of these ideas:

1. Football scratch card fundraisers: Scratch cards are a great way for football organizations to make a lot of money fast. Each player is given a scratch card that raises $100. There is no product to deliver. No money to collect after the fact. It is a fun way to raise donations and works well.

2. Take advantage of the top performing brochure fundraisers: The top producers in this category are cookie dough fundraisers, candle fundraisers or some of the newest environmentally friendly fundraisers. There is no cost to get started. You pre sell from the free brochures you are provided. At the end of the sale you use the money you collected during the sale to pay for your bulk order.

While there are tons of football fundraiser ideas that work you might consider talking to a professional fundraising company and see what has worked for other football groups before getting started.