When it comes to fundraising, schools pretty much set the standard for how to do things. Especially in these days where the economy is rough, fundraising helps schools fill the gap between what their budget provides, and what the school's clubs and groups need to survive. In most schools, fundraising is already a way of life, and if you're part of the school's fundraising team, you probably already have a lot of experience with this.

The challenge, of course, is keeping the fundraising in schools exciting and new, even though the goals are basically the same as ever. You want to make money, but you don't want it to be like pulling teeth. The best way to keep your fundraising from getting boring is to choose something that not only helps out with profits, but that the kids can get excited about, as well.

Successful and interesting fundraising for schools is not as complicated as you might think. The kids will always like selling something like chocolate bars, but for other types of fundraising, schools can also do well with things like scratch cards or pizza cards. These types of fundraising ideas are fun as well as profitable, and they're not like all the old fundraising ideas out there.

It is essential to tailor your school's fundraising to its customer base. Will the students be selling to the other students, or mostly to their families and relatives? Things like coffee and tea work very well for parents and grandparents, but perhaps not so much if your fundraising is aimed toward the kids themselves. Depending on whether you can get permission from the school for the kids to do their fundraising on school grounds, even the classic school fundraising ideas like candy can result in fantastically high profits, and of course the bonus is that the kids enjoy their fundraising efforts, while the school gets maximum benefit at the same time.