With the high price of cheerleading uniforms making entry into the sport restrictive for some families we were surprised that we could not find a company or service that provided the means for cheerleaders to pass down uniforms that no longer fit so the less fortunate could get essentially free cheerleading uniforms.

Cheerleading Uniforms Are Very Expensive

The price point of cheering may not at first glance seem substantial. But when you start looking at the prices, it is in fact very expensive.

For example, a good pair of Women's Asics Gel-Cheer LE will cost $59 or more. And these are certainly not top of the line shoes. Yes, there are price point shoes that might sell below $30, but even that can be prohibitive, especially in the years when children out grow their shoes more than once a year.

Certainly there are many cheerleaders who out grow their shoes before there is even any noticeable wear and tear, the shoes will more likely find their way into a garage sale rather than be made available to someone who dreams of becoming a cheerleader but can not afford the equipment.