Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers that Work

Post Icon Posted on 04/27/2011 by Howard Gottlieb

If you are in charge of organizing your group's fundraiser, obviously profit is your chief concern. You have probably considered frozen cookie dough fundraisers, but you may have wondered if that sort of fundraising idea will work for a group of your size.

The truth is, cookie dough is such a long-standing fundraising idea, such a tried and tested fundraiser, there are very few groups out there who don't have success with it.

The only real concern is keeping the orders and money organized, and of course dealing withe the chaos that delivery day can bring. If you can stay on top of those two issues, you can set yourself up for big success with frozen cookie dough fundraisers.

The most common type of cookie dough fundraisers are the ones where you sell tubs of dough to your supporters, take orders in advance, collect the money, and then deliver the dough when it arrives on your doorstep. It sounds easy enough, but there are several factors you have to take into account.

One is, you have to be organized about the order taking, especially keeping track of the money. If you can assign one person to be in charge of the accounting, that will probably work best. Of course, you need to be able to trust your individual fundraising team members to be able to collect the money for their individual orders.

If you are working with kids for frozen cookie dough fundraisers, you will want to encourage their parents to keep an eye on the money until they turn it in. Frozen cookie dough fundraisers are great fun, and you can make a decent amount of money with them. Just take the time to stay organized, and don't panic if things get a bit complicated. It will all turn out well in the end with a little effort!

Top Cookie Dough Fundraising Products

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. And now we’ve added Brownies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls as well.

Preformed Cookie Dough

Brand New!!! We are thrilled to be able to offer two new flavors of Nestle* Toll House* Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!!! Now you can sell boxes through our pre portioned gourmet cookie dough fundraiser. The dough is preformed into perfectly portioned cookies. You just grab the number of cookies you want to bake. There's no need to thaw the dough. People love the convenience of this product. Cookie dough may be frozen for up to 1 year, refrigerated for 6 months, and is shelf stable at room temperature (66°F - 77°F) for 21 days. Cookie dough may be thawed and refrozen.

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