Cheerleading is more popular than ever, but with the rising costs of participating in this expensive sport, a lot of squads are really feeling the financial pinch. Fundraisers for cheerleaders are becoming more and more of a fact of life for squads where the school simply cannot provide the funds required for cheerleading to stay afloat. If you are in charge of organizing cheerleader fundraisers, this is a great opportunity for you to make sure that those much-needed funds finally start coming in, but of course you want to choose fundraising ideas that will be the most effective for your squad.

Candy bar fundraisers may seem boring and over-done, but there's a reason these cheerleader fundraising ideas are still so popular: they work consistently well. People love chocolate, there's no way around that, and you may as well take advantage of the situation and go with a sure-fire winner. If you can get permission for the squad to do their fundraising at pep rallies and lunch periods, these sort of student-oriented fundraisers for cheerleaders can be a real hit and bring in a large amount of profit.

Scratch cards can also be effective fundraisers for cheerleaders, and they work particularly well with small groups. These high profit fundraisers for cheerleaders can yield up to 90% profit on your investment, and the cards are so easy to carry around that the kids can do their fundraisers for cheerleaders anywhere and everywhere the opportunity presents itself. Scratch cards also work well because they are a direct-sale fundraiser that doesn't require much logistical organization.

These are just samples of the many fundraisers for cheerleaders out there - if you want to see a full range of ideas, check out our fundraisers for cheerleaders pages and start to get excited about all the fantastic fundraisers for cheerleaders that are out there for you. The possibilities are really endless!