If you asked a teacher or an administrator at any school in the country what their most important resources are, there is no doubt that the PTO would be among the answers for the schools fortunate enough to have them. The volunteered man-hours provided by PTO's are indispensible at many schools.

PTO members help schools pay for various projects or items around the school. Fundraising for PTO can be for anything from new books to new playground equipment to new computers for each student. Whatever the reason for fundraiser, the schools are always grateful for all of the hard work.

If you are in charge of picking the PTO fundraiser this year you will want to do a couple of things to have a successful fundraiser. You will first need to confirm that there are no restrictions on what type of fundraiser you can do. For example many schools are no longer allowed to sell food products as fundraisers because of the health concerns.

Once you know if there are any fundraisers you can not do, you can start looking for ones you can do. You will need to decide if you want to do a fundraiser that has you purchase products before the fundraiser or one that utilizes brochures. You should also review what profit your school wants the PTO fundraiser to earn to help narrow down your choices.

There are so many PTO fundraising ideas available to you that it is a good idea to poll the PTO board or some parent members and find out what they would be interested in purchasing. If one fundraiser is more popular than the others with your members, chances are it will be a better seller for you.

Many PTOs have started using educational fundraisers. Instead of mindlessly selling candy they will choose something like a recycling fundraiser or a plant fundraiser that they can use to teach the students while they are out selling.