Fundraising on its own is hard enough. There's your supporters to think of, your product to sell, your monetary targets to meet, and of course your fundraising team to manage. What makes the equation so much more complicated is when your fundraising team is made up mostly of children. Kids don't usually have much experience with fundraising, and because they can't fully grasp the financial implications of the things they want to do, they may not understand why fundraising is necessary. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that you come up with some really fun fundraising ideas to keep their minds engaged and keep them on the task at hand. Some of the most fun fundraising ideas are the ones that the kids can get involved in themselves, a project of some sort. For example, some schools like to host an art show. This kind of fundraiser would involve getting the children together either on a weekend or after school, and letting them make as many different kinds of art pieces as possible. They can either take them home and sell them to neighbors and family members, or you can display them in the school and host a show on a Saturday afternoon. This is a fun fundraising idea where kids can enjoy their creativity while the school makes money. If you're looking for fun fundraising ideas that are a little more ready-made, chocolate is always a winner. Our chocolate bar fundraisers start at just a dollar per bar, and name brands like Hershey's start at just two dollars. Chocolate is not only popular with the kids, but most adults love it, too. When you can find fun fundraising ideas that appeal to all types of people of all ages, that's usually a recipe for success. Check out our chocolate fundraisers to get started.