Are you about to put together a fundraiser for your soccer club, but can't seem to come up with any good soccer club fundraiser ideas? Don't worry, we have a lot of different fundraising ideas that are bound to fit your team perfectly. The only thing you need to do is plan and prepare yourself, and the next thing you'll know, you'll have selected a soccer fundraiser that works well for you.

It's a great idea to begin by thinking about your soccer club and what you think would work well for them as a team and as individuals. If this is a children's soccer club, for example, then you will need to take into consideration whether the kids are old enough to go out on their soccer club fundraiser themselves, or whether they will need help from their parents. If the parents will be guiding most of the sales work, then this may result in a much different set of customers than if the kids were left to their own devices. Understanding these things about your fundraiser can help you pick the right idea that will bring in the most profit.

If your customers are likely to be adults, then you'll want to go with a soccer club fundraiser that will appeal to all ages. Tea and coffee are often good choices, but you can also go with something more general like our Go Green fundraiser, which combines all the benefits of a catalogue fundraiser with environmental friendliness. If the kids are going to be selling to their peers, perhaps at school lunch periods, then maybe chocolate or Welch's Fruit Snacks are the way to go. For a soccer club fundraiser that isn't age specific, pizza fundraising cards can be a fantastic choice, and they have some of the highest profits of any soccer club fundraiser.