Are you getting ready to organize some fundraising for your soccer team, but are short of soccer team fundraising ideas? Never fear, we have a whole range of different soccer team fundraising ideas, and at least one of them is certain to fit your group perfectly. All you have to do is get started with a small amount of research, and before you know it the right fundraising idea for your soccer team will make itself apparent.

It's probably a smart idea to start out by considering your soccer team and what you think would work best for them as players. For instance, is this a children's soccer team you're trying to find fundraising ideas for? Are they old enough that they can do some of the fundraising themselves, or will all the soccer team fundraising ideas you come up with require adult supervision. This makes a difference because if the parents are doing most of the sales work, they may end up with a much different customer base than if the kids will be on their own and selling to other kids, for example. Knowing who will be selling and to whom can change the sorts of soccer team fundraising ideas you consider.

For selling to kids, you might want to consider a fundraising idea that involves snacks. We have all sorts of food fundraising ideas for soccer teams that range from the traditional chocolate bars, to more healthy snacks like Welch's Fruit Snacks. If your customer base is more likely to be adults, the sky is pretty much the limit. You could go with a catalogue fundraiser like our immensely popular green fundraiser, or with something like tea or coffee. If you want something that isn't really dependent on age, pizza cards are a great way to go, as pizza is popular with people of all ages, and since pizza cards can return really high profits, they make for a great soccer team fundraising idea.