Are you preparing to get your sorority fundraiser together for this year, but you're not too clear on the best sorority fundraiser ideas? Don't worry, there are a wide variety of different sorority fundraiser ideas out there, and there is definitely one that will suit your chapter perfectly. You'll need to do a small amount of simple research before you get started, and soon enough you will start to see exactly which kinds of sorority fundraiser ideas will be the most fun and most successful for you.

The best idea for sorority fundraising is to think about your chapter and decide what would work best for the girls as a group. For example, will you be mostly selling to your fellow students at college, or do most of the girls have an active social life outside of school? How many of the girls have family and friends nearby that they can sell to? If you think about your sales team and how they will related to your customer base, you'll start to get an idea of how this can affect which sorority fundraiser ideas you consider.

If you are mostly going to be selling on campus to fellow students and teachers, it's probably a smart idea to go with something like snack foods. Remember the old chocolate bar fundraisers you used to do in grade school? Well, those are still around, and believe it or not, the chocolate bars still only cost $1. That's an amazing value, and everyone loves chocolate, so it's kind of hard to go wrong with that one if you've got sorority sisters who can hang out around the eating areas during lunch periods and between classes.

If your customer base will be mostly family and friends, why not go with a fundraiser idea like sorority scratch cards, or even a catalogue fundraiser? The scratch cards are really popular with sorority groups - they're easy to carry around with you everywhere, and the profits are some of the highest available for any fundraiser idea, which makes them a great option if your chapter is particularly small.