A lot of extracurricular programs are in economic hardship these days, so to make sure that the kids get to keep doing all the things they love, it's important to come up with youth fundraisers ideas that are effective and profitable.

But when kids are involved, it's important to have fun, as well, so you'll want to choose fundraisers that get both jobs done. Obviously when you're researching youth fundraisers, your main concern is profit, but you want everyone involved to be completely on board with your ideas, and to enjoy what they're doing.

Candy fundraising is always a popular choice, and it's something that's likely to go over well both with kids and adults. And if you have a situation where the kids will be selling to their peers, then you really can't go wrong with an idea like chocolate bars. If you're looking to get away from the ideas that involve sweet snacks, a lot of youth programs are having success with youth fundraisers ideas like scratch cards.

Scratch cards are really easy to do, and they don't present any problems with things like shipping or distribution. Everything is taken care of right there at the point of sale, and the profits on scratch cards can run as high as 90%, making them fantastic fundraising ideas for small groups that are worried about profits.

Youth fundraisers ideas don't have to be all about seriousness and business, and in fact when kids are involved with something you'll want to do your best to make sure the activity is fun and rewarding for them. So when you're researching ideas, keep your eyes open for anything you think the kids will like, as well as things you think your supporters will be interested it. Before you know it, the right fundraiser will make itself known to you.