Having a hard time coming up with a fund raising idea? Depending on what type of group you have, a baby sitting fund raiser may be perfect for you.

Think about it. Parents of little children pay to have their children watched already. If you could provide a baby sitting service, they would be happy to pay your group.

If you are a school group and your school district allows it, you might consider opening up the school for a baby sitting fund raiser event on a Friday night. That way you could get administrators and faculty to supervise a large scale night out for parents. Have a sign up program available and make it required. That way you will know exactly how many people will be attending your event. You will know exactly how many volunteers you will need.

We suggest no less than one sitter per child under three years old. For slightly older children you could have one volunteer for every six to eight children. Plan some fun activities for the older children. If you can plan some activities than include some type of physical activity, the parents will be happy to return to pick up tired children ready to go to bed.

Bring along supplies such as crayons and paper and possibly plan some basic arts and crafts projects. The more entertained the children are, the better behaved they will be. And, the more they enjoy the event, the more successful subsequent events will be. Parents will tell other parents how well your event went and suggest they consider it the next time you hold one.

Of course, you also want to count on repeat customers and satisfied customers are more likely to use you again than unsatisfied customers. If you can not have a large scale baby sitting fund raiser event you can always offer baby sitting services as a group.

Make sure your baby sitters are well trained and have references. Advertise your services wherever the parents of young children might congregate or where they might read posters or advertisements.

The good thing about baby sitting fund raisers is that they do not require any upfront investment and you are truly providing a service many people want and need.