Fundraising activities and events have been around for a long time. You were probably involved in some fundraising activities as a child; now as adults, we often find ourselves involved in our child's fundraising efforts. Many times parents find themselves responsible for a fund raising activity when their kids get involved in little league or a sport team. Lots of parents want to help out with their kid's school fundraisers. Regardless of how you get involved we feel sure you will find the fundraising activities listed below helpful in considering which fund raising efforts you will want to participate in.

Eleven Great Ideas for Fundraising Activities:

  1. Walk-a-thons: Organize a group to walk laps or miles and get pledges from potential sponsors. Consider using one of our many Choose-athon fund raising event activities to maximize results.
  2. Car Wash: Get some people to spend a Saturday at a busy store that has access to a water hook up for your hoses.
  3. Bowl-a-thon: Lots of fun can be had with bowl-a-thon fundraiser event activities. Get people to pledge or donate to your cause. Raising money while bowling.
  4. Candy Sale: The most popular fund raising activity. Sell candy bars or lollipops outside your local video store.
  5. Read-a-thon: A great way to combine education and fundraising into one great activity. This is a fundraising activity that all the relatives are sure to support! Try one of the Read-a-thon fundraiser event activities for your next fundraising event.