Brochure fundraising offers a profitable, easy and risk free way for groups to try their hand at fundraising without the need for money up front to purchase fundraising products. One of the keys to strong sales is the fundraising brochure itself.

Pre-sell Fundraising Brochures and Catalogs

Easy Fundraising Ideas offers a wide range of fundraising brochures and catalogs for all types of products. Some of the brochures are extremely simple one page forms that consist of the product photo on the front and the detailed order form on the back. This is the most basic type of fund raising brochure.

Fund Raising with Seasonal Sellers Brochures

Other pre sell programs like seasonal sellers can be 30 to 50 page fundraising brochures filled with photos and descriptions of gift items and gift wrap. These books are designed to be used as sales tools so that your customers can easily see the merchandise you are selling. Seasonal shoppers fundraising catalogs are full of wonderful products any group would be pleased to offer.

Fundraising Brochures Makes the Sell for You

A brochure fundraiser is super easy. Instead of having the actual merchandise on hand, the fund raising participants use the brochures to show the products your group is selling. By simply showing your customers the fund raising brochures the products' pictures and descriptions sell themselves. As your customers make their selections from the brochure they simply record their order inside the brochure on the order form and pay you their total amount due. Your group collects all the money as you pre sell from the brochure.