Are you frustrated with Fundraiser Chocolate Bars?

Do you feel like candy fundraising has seen its better day now that many of the options require a $2 retail price? Don't be frustrated. There are still some terrific fundraiser chocolate bars available and some of them still sell for $1.

One candy fundraiser that has grown in popularity is our Original One Dollar Bar. It is one of the few fundraiser chocolate bars that you can still sell for a dollar. For many people that's all they need to hear and they are sold. But there are greater benefits than just pricing,

The Original One Dollar Bar was designed to be the fundraiser chocolate bars for any sized group. They allow us to ship customers as little as one case at a time. For many groups large minimum order requirements prevent them from selling candy. A one case minimum allows every single group or individual to sell candy.

The other benefit is that shipping is included in the price. How many times have you purchased a product and were surprised when there were additional costs such as freight or handling charges?

Easy Fundraising Ideas helps thousands of groups raise millions of dollars every single year and we hear stories all the time from customers who were misled by other companies. That's why we show you exactly what your cost is. All of our candy and lollipops include shipping costs. Our customers appreciate that there are no hidden chocolate fundraising charges.

So please let us help you the next time you are ready to purchase fundraiser chocolate bars.