If you are holding a fundraiser we would like to make a suggestion that we feel confident will boost your results.

Give Your Fundraiser Results a Boost with Incentives

Many fundraising groups offer incentives to help drive up sales. The problem with most incentive programs is that they are geared towards rewarding the top seller. We believe that your top seller will be your top seller whether you reward them or not. But, if you make an incentive available to each of the participates we feel sure you will see better fund raising results. So why not motivate all your participants with an incentive and boost your fundraising outcome too.

Here is a great idea on how to enhance the results of your next fundraiser in a way you may not have thought of:

Choose a great age appropriate prize that each of your participants would like to win. For example, an Apple IPOD could be an appropriate prize for a Junior High age group.

Tell your fund raisers that anyone can qualify to win the IPOD by simply selling 5 tubs of a frozen cookie dough fundraiser, or 5 fundraising pizza cards as a great way to boost fundraiser results or 5 carriers of a candy fundraiser to experience a better outcome. You set the selling quantity based on your fundraising goal. Now each time a participant sells the predetermined quantity just add their name into your incentive drawing. Their name will be added each additional time they sell the determined amount. The more they sell the better their odds of winning.

Be careful to set the selling standard low enough that everyone can reach the entry point but high enough to be profitable. Your top sellers will still be your top sellers and will have the best odds of winning the prize. But hopefully everyone will have their name in the drawing at least once. You want the greatest number of people participating to maximize your fundraiser results.