We would like to share some of our basic fundraising tips. You might want to consider these tips before starting your next fundraiser.

How Long to Hold a Fundraiser?

People ask us all the time, how long they should hold their fundraising programs. Our answer for all fundraisers is simply; two weeks! Here is why we suggest that:

  1. We believe that less than two weeks is just not enough time for people to really get started on a fundraiser. And, you will probably not get the maximum number of sales in a period of time less than two weeks, thus your fundraiser is not as profitable as it could be.

  2. Fundraisers lasting longer than two weeks run the risk of giving people so much time that the sense of urgency is lost. With no sense of urgency people do not feel motivated to get started and some people might never start. Giving young children a month to do anything is like giving them a life time.

  3. Another reason to hold a two week fundraiser is the amount of time between the start of your fund raiser and the delivery of the fundraising product. If your group has a cookie dough fundraiser and someone buys cookie dough from you on the first day of a two week sale they will most likely be waiting four weeks for delivery. As a responsible fundraiser you do not want those good people who have supported your fundraising effort to wait any longer than four week to receive their cookies.

Choosing the Best Fund Raising Product

The next fundraising tip is to have group participation when it comes time to decide which fund raising product you choose. When people have a say in what product they will be selling they are likely to sell more. You want your participants to take ownership in the fund raising event and the best way to do that is to give them a say in the fundraising products.