Fundraising is an incredibly fun business to be a part of. Getting to work with kids and adults to help them raise money for their organizations offers great rewards and job satisfaction. But, many people who want to be a part of the fundraising industry do not have the ability to start a fundraising business from scratch.

For these people there is the fantastic option of becoming a fundraising distributor. It should be explained that there are two distinct types of fundraising distributors. The first works with product manufacturers to sell their products.

A prime example of this is candy sales. The candy makers typically are not out selling directly to groups but instead will rely on distributors who take and fulfill orders from groups. The distributor can either carry inventory or fulfill each delivery directly from the manufacturer.

The other type of distributor is one that works with a company to sign up fundraising groups. Typically there is absolutely no inventory involved, other than some sample brochures that can used to demonstrate fundraising lines to groups. The fundraising distributor is paid a "finders fee" of sorts for directing the group to the fundraising company they represent.

Fundraising distributors are a great thing for fundraising companies and for the individual distributors. The company doesn't have to worry about payroll or benefits or even managing an employee and the distributor has the freedom to work at their own pace. Becoming a fundraising distributor is a great way to supplement your income from a full time job.

Very aggressive and hard working distributors can even, and often do, turn being a distributor into their full time profession.